The Top 10 Motivational Speakers In Bangalore

Motivational  Speakers In Bangalore, provides inspiration to lots of people and has the ability to change thousands of people life and inspire them to live a happy, peaceful and successful life in their belonging field.

Motivational speakers are know for there words, motivation , leadership ,trends and the way they inspire millions of people life and try to change the world.

Here is a list of top 10 motivation speaker in Bangalore which has inspired millions of people life  and change thousands of people thinking .

1.Rahul Kapoor

Rahul Kapoor, is an Indian motivational speaker, mentor, inspirational author and who has an vision of helping people all over the world and is the founder of 3 companies and 2 charitable trusts. and has been the authored of 2 best selling motivational books- Work Wise and Dad and I.


2.Dr Yuvaraj S Lingappa

Dr Yuvaraj S Lingappa is an best  motivational speaker in Bangalore, India. and know as keynote speaker and peak performance. and lives with a mission of helping of people to live a stress free life and helps in weight management also with confidence building .

3. Kevin Abdul Rahman

Kevin Abdul Rahman is an keynote motivational speaker internationally and an Public Speaker and popularly know as “the man inspiring millions,”and speaker of fortune 500 companies and government and privately held businesses also. and a very good and trusted advisor and one of the best world leaders.

4. Vishwas Mudagal

Vishwas Mudagal is an Indian  author , motivational speaker and  entrepreneur and CEO and Co-founder of GoodWorkLabs . and popularly  know to change lives  of people through his thought of leadership . and has written the best selling novel of losing my religion is his debut and the last avatar -age of kalki trilogy

5. Thomas John Rose

Thomas John Rose is an motivational speaker, leader  and an personality speaker and has mission of  transform  all leadership  wisdom  into force and has a vision of the experience the world  filled with leaders and warriors and he also noted as one of the top speakers in Bangalore.

6. Bishal Sarkar

Bishal Sarkar is an motivational speaker an popularly know as the king of confidence and is an author also and an  public speaking expert and filled with confidence to help the world out with his ideas and inspire them and a top motivational speaker in Bangalore.

7.Sushil Arora

Sushil Arora is an corporate trainer , motivational speaker, soft skill trainer  and specialized in team building  and life coach with the Indian institute of human excellence and management and know as best motivational speaker in Bangalore.

8.Prince Verma

Prince Verma is an motivational speaker, Corporate  trainer, radio jokey , author and business consultant too and has been awarded with great companies along with business excellence awards and one of the best motivational speaker in Bangalore.



9.Simerjeet Singh

Simerjeet Singh is an international keynote  speaker and conducts very engaging and creative workshops and helps in leadership building skill, relationship consultant and in carer development and built in positive attitude. and even helps in team building.


10.Deepak Shinde

Deepak Shinde is an motivational speaker and founder of kingdom college and also the holy Alexander the initiatives and he is very popular for the events,workshops and his course and also the founder of wandering wanders which is of children were the top 10 best motivational speaker in Bangalore.

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